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GPNN Description of my ‘Why’

Most people are interested in the world and local news. It is natural to want to be informed about the world. I used to watch the News on television but now find it to be very negative, depressing and d-habilitating. The term ‘negative sensationalism, is a new term describing the typical mainstream news media’s showing of horrific war scenes, murders, kidnapping, child abduction and more. Studies have shown that watching constant negative news causes depression, aggression and a sense of dis-empowerment. My goal in creating a positive news network is to give the public the option of positive, informative and uplifting news. Since there is no such news available, I decided to create it myself.

I have firsthand experience watching family member’s personality change due to the constant media negative news sensationalism onslaught. They have become fearful of travel, of meeting new people, of trying new things (food, technology, books). Some have been diagnosed as clinically depressed and have been issued Prozac medication. Many of the elder generation feel obligated to watch the news thinking that they are helping the world by being informed. That may be true to a small extent, but most elders watch the news 24/7 which causes them to frightened and distrusting of the world.  The syndrome they also suffer from is called catastrophizing, which means people fear their life is in grave danger from all the negative news they see on the television. Catastrophizing also leads people to think that their small problems are bigger than they really are, causing more fear and anxiety.

Promoting positive news brings inspiration, hope and good will into the world. I personally believe there is much more positive news than negative news. What we focus on, we usually get.

I have told people about Global Positive News Network and their reactions are overwhelming, “It’s about time!” or “What a great idea”. Many people say they don’t even watch the news anymore because it’s so depressing.

Well, that is all about to change due to Global Positive News Network!

Enjoy the positive news and let us know how your life has changed since tuning into Global Positive News Network.

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